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A Short Walk To Pluto showcases gorgeous vocals on ‘Give Me Grace’


We often see autumn as symbolic of transition, a time when things die to make way for the new. Toronto-based rockers A Short Walk To Pluto, endorsed earlier this year by Howard Stern on his top-rated SiriusXM show, illustrate that poetically in their very folky but no less tight new single, “Give Me Grace.”

A soaring, jangly, acoustic ballad about the transformational power of love, “Give Me Grace” tells the story of two separate people eventually destined for one another. The first narrator, the woman, feels trapped in an internal, everlasting winter, where the sun can’t break through a sky seemingly made of ice. The second verse tells the story of the male protagonist’s isolation and longing for companionship throughout a beautiful and fiery, yet lonely and daunting, autumn.

Soon, the two lovers collide, and they discover that the emotional strength that got them through their difficulties is a commonality – a saving grace. The song is based on the real experience of bassist Danny Moriana, who first met his partner in December 2019.

“The pair seemed to lead such similar lives up until that point that it was almost destined for them to meet,” vocalist Emma Armstrong said. “The grace and love she offers daily is remarkable, [bringing] him an overwhelming sense of happiness.”

Formed in 2018, A Short Walk To Pluto consists of members Emma (vocals), Danny (bass/vocals), Max Kaiser (guitar), and Jake Biggs (percussion/vocals). They began as university students who had known one another from high school, and they would perform regularly as a three-piece for school-related events. After various lineups featuring other vocalists, the boys met Emma through a mutual friend in 2020. Since then, the band has made major strides in its musical ambitions with their numerous live performances, original music releases, and active social-media engagements resulting in a loyal and consistent following.


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