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Roots Music Canada is always looking for volunteer writers to help connect great Canadian independent folk, roots and world music with music lovers across the country – and to help independent artists learn more about how to manage their careers.

Roots Music Canada is an online community space for all things folk, roots, blues, and world music, and we publish a wide variety of content from record reviews and artist features to “think pieces” about current issues in roots music and advice for musicians.

You are welcome to pitch us a story idea or ask us to assign you something, and there is no long-term commitment needed. Write for us once or write for us regularly. It’s up to you!

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll be helping wonderful independent artists to get exposure, which is especially important now that they can no longer rely on mainstream media support due to cut-backs.
  • You’ll be helping fans of blues, folk, roots and world music learn about new music and new trends in the scene that they love.
  • You’ll get in free to any gigs you’re covering for us – including expensive ones.
  • If you’re a fan of an artist, interviewing them for the site is a great way to connect with them.
  • If you’re doing this to get journalism experience, we’ll provide mentoring and guidance, regular bylines and a reference for your future employers (provided you meet deadlines). Your editor is a professional working journalist who can support you as you work toward making a living in the business.

Also, we’re a lot of fun to write for!

If this opportunity sounds interesting to you, please email Heather or Gordy at editor@rootsmusic.ca

A note to publicists and other promoters of roots music:

Guess what folks, you’re welcome to submit stuff too. Here at Roots Music Canada, we know that our readers want to read content that is informed and written by people who really know the artists. And who knows artists better than the people who work with them? No, you can’t review your own records, and we’d really prefer that you didn’t just send us press releases to publish. But if you’re willing to put the time into creating something original that our readers will want to read, we’ll happily publish it. Q&A? Story? Collection of recipes? Bring it on. If you start doing this regularly though, we’re going to hit you up for cash. Roots Music Canada exists today because of the financial support of people like you, labels and publicists and promoters and other folks who chip in bucks in exchange for access to the site. If you want to post about your projects on a regular basis, visit Patreon.com/RootsMusicCanada and check out the organizational sponsorship levels.