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Closing notes from the Vancouver Folk Music Festival

Jeremy Dutcher’s penultimate song was a cheeky masterclass in stage presence. He had just finished singing the first English song in his set, and...

Dispatches from the Vancouver Folk Music Festival – Day 3 (Sunday)

The look is a little different today. I was definitely feeling the heat in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, so today it’s shorts,...

Dispatches from the Vancouver Folk Music Festival – Day 2 (Saturday)

I was a little late to get going this morning, but I did manage to arrive in time to catch Ndidi O’s performance on...

Ukrainian artist Krut wows audiences at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival

I think this year the Vancouver Folk Music Festival is going to be about finding those artists I would not have discovered on my...

The 2024 Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival: A recap

It’s Monday morning, and the fog clings to the cliffs on Signal Hill. Some of it hangs low and curls its way onto the...

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is a chance to get acquainted with the folk of today

Okay, let’s face it, I’m old. I’m old like "I saw Joan Baez in concert" old. So for me the idea of folk music...

Album review: Martin Kerr – What You Don’t Know

This upbeat album opens with six finely-crafted songs with acoustic guitar accompaniment and concludes with equally pleasing piano versions of the same original tunes. Martin’s...

Dispatches from the Vancouver Island MusicFest – Day 3 (Sunday)

Sunday, July 14 was another sunny hot day for the final day of MusicFest so again the name of the game was keeping cool....

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The Chat Room: Mike Boguski

For the past several years, Blue Rodeo keyboardist Mike Boguski has been exploring a range of sonic avenues with some of Toronto’s finest musicians...

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Album review: Sue Decker – Keeping Time

Gordy the moose reviews some of his favourite new submissions to the Roots Music Canada virtual mailbox. Sue Decker launched herself into our consciousness this past...

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