Music/Video submissions:

Would you like your music, videos or other art featured on Roots Music Canada?   Then please use our handy dandy submission form to send us the links and information we need to check you out.   Roots Music Canada is a mostly volunteer effort, so the more you can do to make it easy for us to support you, the easier it is for us to actually do that!   Using this form ensures that we get what we need to check out your music and get it onto our site if we think it’s great.


Written submissions:

Do you love roots music?  Do you love to write?  Wonderful!  Boy, have we got a volunteer gig for you!  Join our team of passionate writers here at Roots Music Canada.   There is no minimum commitment.  One article?  A whole bunch?  We welcome whatever you want to contribute.   We can give you an assignment or you can pitch us a story idea.  It’s up to you.  We’re really flexible around here.  All we ask is that you turn your piece in by the agreed-upon deadline – if we agree on one.   If you’d like to contribute, please email our editor, Gordy the Moose, at


A note to publicists and other promoters of roots music:

Guess what folks, you’re welcome to submit stuff too.  Here at Roots Music Canada, we know that our readers want to read content that is informed and written by people who really know the artists.  And who knows artists better than the people who work with them?  No, you can’t review your own records, and please don’t send us press releases to publish because we won’t do that.   But if you’re willing to put the time into creating something original that our readers will want to read, we’ll happily publish it.  Q&A?  Story?  Collection of recipes?  Bring it on.   If you start doing this regularly though, we’re going to hit you up for cash.  Roots Music Canada exists today because of the financial support of people like you, labels and publicists and promoters and other folks who chip in bucks in exchange for access to the site.  If you want to post about your projects on a regular basis, visit and check out the organizational sponsorship levels.