Help Allison Brown discover new Canadian winter/holiday songs for her holiday special

Hi everyone,

Allison Brown here!  The holiday season is coming up, and I’m working on putting together my annual Fireside Radio Hour again this year, broadcast from my snow-covered cabin in a secret location in northern Ontario beside my crackling fire.

I’m on the lookout for new or past Christmas, holiday and winter recordings from Canadian artists to feature on the airwaves in Windsor, London, some other southern Ontario stations and online.

This year’s theme is “Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present And Future,” but I’m looking for any holiday songs, as I always stretch my themes a bit to fit whatever songs I feel are standouts. I’m particularly looking for new singles out this year.

Roots Music Canada readers helped me get a good selection of music to pick from last year.  I hope you’ll help again!

Please email me your suggestions at:  allisoncbrown@yahoo.com

While I’m here, I also have some new music out myself.  I recorded five covers this summer, and they’re free to download on my website:
Just Another Memory

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