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Introducing Isabel & The Uncommons – ‘Distance’

Photo by David Leyes.

Toronto band Isabel & The Uncommons is releasing a new single, “Distance,” written and sung by bandleader Isabel Fryszberg, who also provided the artwork for the accompanying video.

We’re excited to debut it here on Roots Music Canada today:

The song, a languid tango about yearning for connection in a time of separation, was produced by Mitch Girio and features guitarist Steve Briggs, trumpeter Rebecca Hennessy, drummer Gary Craig, and singer Rebecca Campbell on background vocals.

“When I wrote this song, I was thinking about how our everyday handshake, social kiss and hug have become dramatically altered now,” Isabel explained. “The way we relate to each other socially has changed and now carries an underlying tension. But these were unconscious thoughts, and the song came about very intuitively. It germinated from a place of longing for fearless touch, embrace, dance, and connection.”

“Distance” is a sensuous, sinuous tango – a dance that, ironically, depends on the two dancers constantly maintaining intimate contact with each other.

In keeping with the song title, each of the musicians recorded their parts separately, at different times and in different locations.

The animated music video for “Distance” features delightful visuals that combine textured watercolour backgrounds, fanciful figures in motion, and a few slightly surrealistic images.

“Finally being able to fuse my original artwork to my music has been like a dream come true,” said Isabel. “Ronley Teper and her partner, Saul Lederman, created wonderful magic in the video.”

“The video for ‘Distance’ is my gift,” Isabel said, “intended as a lovely box of chocolates to open and enjoy on Valentine’s Day, no matter what your relationship status!”


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