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Pretty Archie – ‘Familiar Feeling’


With the release of its new, self-titled album Pretty Archie is pretty confident that the band’s unique mix of folk, Americana, bluegrass, alt-country, and East Coast music will appeal to a wider audience than ever before.

Celebrating their tenth anniversary with what is arguably their finest work to date, the band members are releasing the album tomorrow via Curve Music/Warner Music.

We’re thrilled to premiere the video for their song “Familiar Feeling.”

This is Pretty Archie’s sixth album, and it’s one of which they are justifiably proud, for it represents a big leap forward in the evolution of the group’s sound.

”I feel each of our other records was a step ahead of the previous one, but this one is six steps ahead,” said bassist/vocalist/ songwriter Colin Gillis. “We are proud of everything we’ve put out, but this is at a different level.”

Renowned producer and engineer Mark Howard, whose star-studded resume includes work with Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, U2, Tom Waits, The Tragically Hip, Peter Gabriel, and more, helped shape the sound of the album – his fortuitous recent relocation to Cape Breton having allowed Pretty Archie to take advantage of his skills.

To make the album, Mark and the band set up shop in the rustic setting of an A-frame lakeside cottage in Cape Breton.

“Mark is very much about the vibe of the room, and this worked out perfectly,” said Colin. “We were in the house for two weeks, basically doing a song a day, and we did evening sessions that had a cooler relaxed feel.”

It was all basically recorded live off the floor, with minimal overdubs,” said Brian Cathcart. “That’s something we had always wanted, and Mark was able to do that. There’s a certain ambiance and energy in recording that way.”

“The result,” Brian said, “is more focused, even though you still can’t quite put a finger on it. For us, it definitely has way more of a country vibe.”



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