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Kele Fleming celebrates the power of perseverance with ‘Sturgeon Love’


It takes a lot of survival instinct to stay afloat in the music industry. You have to keep believing, creating, and swimming hard to reach success, and, on a much wider level, it’s akin to the struggle every living being faces to stay alive. Through her own connection to that survival instinct, Canadian indie folk-pop artist Kele Fleming pays tribute to the universal drive to survive and flourish on her brand new single, “Sturgeon Love.”

A new, one-off release following her fourth album, The Song I’ll Write For My Whole Life, “Sturgeon Love” rides along on a jubilant, up-tempo current like whitewater rushing up and down, over and under to the sea.

“The song is a celebration of life and spirit,” said the Vancouver and Victoria, B.C-based artist. “I wrote the song for the ancient Fraser River sturgeon. They are a symbol of survival and perseverance to me.”

‘All that was frozen is now a river
All my thoughts have come undone
All that was broken is now together
And, all we need is Sturgeon Love.’

“The song is rhythmic and flows like a river, and the words evoke the mysteries of life hidden in its murky waters,” Kele said. “The lyrics and melody pull you in and hook you with the love that flows through the song.”

Kele has lived near the Fraser River and its massive ecosystem in the B.C. Lower Mainland for decades, but not nearly as long as the ancient but endangered fish species has inhabited the waterway and lived through human challenges to its survival. The largest freshwater fish in Canada, some sturgeon are known to live more than 100 years, although overfishing and water temperature alterations brought on by climate change are now threatening the population.

“The sturgeon have plied the waters of this river for millennia,” noted the self-described nature champion. “Like a holdover from the times of the dinosaurs, they have remained mythic and secret in the river for so many years, until white settlers arrived on what is now Canada’s Pacific shores and discovered them.

“Everything changed.”

The beauty, wonder, fragility and resilience of the natural world influences much of Kele (pronounced “Kelly”) Fleming’s songwriting. “Sturgeon Love” was borne out of the very personal connection she feels with this enduring species. So powerful is what the sturgeon symbolizes for her that she chose to make it a visible and permanent part of herself.

“I have a tattoo on the inside forearm of my left arm,” she said. “It’s a sturgeon with a line of red hearts that runs down its spine.”




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