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Sultans of String ‘Tell the Night’ feat. Leen Hamo (video)


Roots Music Canada is thrilled to premiere the video for “Tell the Night” by Sultans of String, a song written by Syrian refugee Leen Hamo, who came to Canada about four years ago.

Sultans of String co-founder Chris McKhool said they were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Leen for many reasons.

“We just love her voice, and she is such an interesting person, and her music is very compelling, and we wanted to have her share her experience through her song “Tell the Night,” he said.

On the song, Leen sings:

The night knows a lot about you, your sorrows, your worries, how your heavy day passes by,

but don’t hide your tears,

tell the night your fears,

it will help you get to the other side.

Of the 11 songs on Sultans’ new album, Sanctuary, “Tell the Night” is one of the songs that impacts Chris most, he said. It is certain to leave an impact on many due to its intimate lyrics and beautiful vocals. The video shows band members in their element as well as raw emotion from Leen, who sings in Arabic.


  1. Leen Hamo has a beautiful, soft yet haunting voice. Love the texture of her vocalese.
    Happy she did this video. Playing it often.
    The Sultans sound great.
    Thank you all.
    Thank you Roots Music Canada. Great work.
    Raymond Anka
    Ottawa. Jan. 13


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