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JukeBox County unveils a music video For ‘Put Me Down’


Kingston, ON outfit JukeBox County has released the accompanying music video for its single, “Put Me Down.”

The song is a fresh cut from their debut album, 2021’s Inner Space/Outer Space.

Produced by Hugh Christopher Brown through Wolfe Island Records, the 10-track release signals Rich Tyo’s transition to headlining his newly crafted creative identity, JukeBox County.

Rich’s biggest motivator when writing music for JukeBox County has always been emotion. Notorious for lacing heartfelt messages into the power-anthem projects the group has managed to create, Rich focuses heavily on the intricacies of comradery and the power of influence a good jam has on a crowd of people.

“‘Put Me Down’ speaks to oppression and power dynamics, and how music and art can be a gateway to create connection and compassion between people,” he said. “It calls out people who try to bring others down for their own benefit or for their own ego and personal gain.”

One of the messages most poignant throughout a lot of JukeBox County’s music and cinematography is the theme of acceptance and banding together, and “Put Me Down” lands no differently.

“This song encourages people to use their privilege to make positive changes to racial, gender, economic, and political systems of oppression,” Rich explained. “It’s about the inspiration that comes with the flow of creatively engaging with life with an open heart while allowing others to seek their truth as well.”

On the topic of banding together, albeit in a different context, one listen through on “Put Me Down” shows Rich Tyo has an ear for assembling an all-star roster of musicians; while Rich may be the creative mind and sultry lead vocalist featured on JukeBox County, this established Kingston-based independent musician isn’t afraid to give credit where it is due. He expresses gratitude to the team that banded together in the creation of the release, including Hugh Christopher Brown on keys, Pete Bowers on drums, Rocky Roberts on electric guitar, Sarah McDermott on background vocals, Teilhard Frost on percussion, and Jason Mercer on bass.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Neil Young, Nick Drake, and the Grateful Dead, JukeBox County creates a human and unique listening experience for the group’s growing fanbase. “Put Me Down” carries all of the weight of an Artic Monkeys anthem with all of the grace and character that Rich Tyo has funneled into JukeBox County and the new album, Inner Space/Outer Space.

As time passes, it becomes clear that JukeBox County and Rich are onto something good here.


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