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Ottawa’s Terrence and the High Flyers evoke the 60s on ‘This Could Be The One’



Ottawa’s classic folk rockers Terrence & The High Flyers are groovin’ at their Butterfly Window wondering if “This Could Be The One” with their latest album album and their 60s-esque single “This Could Be The One.”

“Butterfly Window started with a surplus of songs I’d been writing for another project,” Terrence said of the 12-track release. “I had this collection of tunes I was happy with but didn’t quite fit the current band I was a part of.

“One day, I decided I would try recording a number of them just for fun, and that I’d take the offcuts to my good friend, Jasen Colson, who lived just down the hill and across the highway from me here in the east end of Ottawa. We’d jam them out a couple of times and he would lay down some tracks on the kit, but ultimately, these demos would go in a folder on my laptop and only see the light of day once in a blue moon.”

“Sometime in the fall of 2019, I began feeling like I wanted to do something with them, though,” Terrence continued. “I just didn’t know what. I had been feeling pretty down about the state of things in my life and, for the first time in a while, I felt this surge of excitement. Jasen was immediately on board, and we got to work tracking enough songs to fill out an LP just before COVID-19 hit and the world ground to a halt; miraculously, Jasen and I had finished tracking all of the drums before the lockdown began.

“When I look back at the idea for the album, the timeline just seems too perfect,” he mused. “Like things lined up just the way they needed to for it to work, and I feel good knowing I decided to go for it. It was a huge period of learning and growth for me, and I’m happy I was able to use the time for something creative and meaningful.

“The title refers to the songs and how they all went through a period of metamorphosis before they found their way out through the window that is the album. They all have their unique stories but, at the same time, they were born out of a time of trial and uncertainty.

“It’s a nod to the saving grace and universal language that is music.”



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