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André Bisson’s latest single is upbeat soul with a slice of Motown


Sliding in with a new single, “The Reformed Deceiver,” André Bisson brings us an upbeat soul song that wouldn’t be far removed from any Motown classic. Tinged with his signature blues country sound, the song is out now.

From a small town in northern Ontario to the warming crowds of England and Wales, André has delivered a message that demands attention. He boasts nine studio albums across his 20-year career, along with numerous awards, and sold-out shows across Canada, the US, the UK, and Europe. As the sole songwriter and arranger for his six to 20-piece ensemble, André infuses soul, roots, blues, and R&B into his music, crafting a unique sound that complements his poignant lyrics.

Since his debut on stage at 15, André’s unwavering love for live performances has remained constant. Teaming up with world-class musicians, he prioritizes delivering an exciting and unforgettable musical experience.

“The Reformed Deceiver” is a lively soul tune that fuses the energetic charm of a blues horn section and the elegance of a string ensemble. This burning combination brings us back to the nostalgia of 1960s Motown. With many themes running through the song, its underlying narrative delves into ideas that when we shed the burdens that weigh us down, we free ourselves from self-deception and embrace the potential of a brighter future we can shape on our own terms. It serves as an uplifting reminder of the boundless possibilities when we let go of the impossible and draw inspiration from our limitless potential.

The song opens with a toe-tapping intro of horns, dancing piano, warming strings, and popping drums before dropping to just a piano melody, a walking bass and the chugga of an electric guitar that fluidly walks around André’s husky vocals on his opening verse.

“If I were to use one word to describe the theme of this album, it would be ‘perspective.'” André said. “Perspective, along with observation and empathy can create the reality we choose to live in.

“We may not be able to control all the things in our lives, but we can control how we react to them. This can make all the difference. The outlook differs drastically when the situation is approached from a different angle. To quote William Shakespeare: ‘I cried when I had no shoes, but I stopped crying when I saw a man without legs.'”

“The Reformed Deceiver” is the next single from André’s new studio album, Latchford, which delves into the profound idea that transforming our lives isn’t always about altering external circumstances. Instead, it’s about how we perceive and interpret them.

The roster of musicians on it includes Jesse O’Brien on piano and organ, Mike Rowell on bass guitar, Keagan Early on drums, Pat Carey on tenor and bari saxophone, Shawn Moody on trumpet/flugelhorn, Loretta Hale on trumpet and cello, Rob Somerville on trombone, Paul Barna on violin/viola, and backing vocalists Quisha Wint and Selena Evangeline, with additional piano by Dan Rodrigues. The album was expertly recorded at Mississauga’s Metalworks Studios, with engineering and mixing credits going to Wayne Cochrane Sound and the final touches handled by mastering engineer Chris Crerar.



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