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Get your copy of the Roots Music Canada zine!


As I mentioned on Saturday, April is our fourth anniversary month here at Roots Music Canada, and I wanted to do something a little special to mark the occasion.

We’ve all been sitting in our homes over the last couple of years, spending way more time online than some of us ever thought possible – and craving off-line connection.

To be honest, at times it’s felt like a weird time to be running a website and online community – and our readership definitely too a dip in 2020 (it’s back now).

So I decided to do something novel: create a special, single-issue, limited-time-only zine version of Roots Music Canada, like those old zines we used to buy at independent record and book stores.

Thus, I present, Roots Music Canada: the Zine!

How to get it

It features the Penguin Eggs’ Critics Poll, some of our coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a special comic about life here at Roots Music Canada that you won’t find anywhere else.

No, I did not draw it myself. Ironically, I used software to reproduce the zine look. But if you like it, send me your line-drawings, poetry and other creative output, and we’ll make an old-fashioned one next year!

In the meantime, how do you get this zine, you ask?


Become a patron of Roots Music Canada….for as little as a $1 month. Then send me your mailing address at heather@rootsmusic.ca

Yes, the zine costs more than $1 to print and mail, but rather than ask you to commit more than that, here’s what we’ll do: If you commit less than $5 a month, we’ll just send you the zine in the summer rather than right away. That way we’ve got a few months of accumulated donations to cover our costs, and you’re not over-extended. Plus, the zine will arrive during the summer festival season so you can enjoy it between shows. OR, if you’d prefer, we’ll send you a PDF of the zine right away, and you can print your own (it’s printed on legal sized paper). Your choice.

Get the zine, support Roots Music Canada

COVID-19 has been a tough time for all of us in the arts, including Roots Music Canada.

We’re incredibly grateful for the patrons who have stuck with us during this hard time, but we’ve also had to say farewell to a number of people who couldn’t afford to keep supporting us.

We haven’t done any formal fundraising during this time, because we recognize that many artists and organizations are in much worse shape than us.

But now that live music is on its way back, we’re asking anyone who can afford it to become a Patron at just $1 a month.

Yes, that’s it. One BUCK.

Click HERE to sign up.

The BEST most stable support we could possibly have is 1,000 people giving us just $1 a month. Patreon even charges lower fees on donations under $5.

So please consider supporting us if you can. You’ll get this awesome zine if you do!

There are other perks too for people who donate at other levels. See our Patreon page for details.

Thank you so much to ALL of you for being part of our community.


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