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Singers For Hope raise awareness for mental health

Guitar in Woods

The power of song can change hearts and minds, and a group of 12 esteemed Canadian artists called Singers For Hope hope to accomplish just that with their new single and video, “This is My Song – For You.”

After two years of COVID-19, Canada’s population has become very fatigued, frustrated, and anxious; a recent study by the Angus Reid Institute reports that one in three Canadians say they are struggling with their mental health.

Never have we needed the healing power of music more than right now.

Mike Goettler and Eric Baragar, two members of longtime Belleville, ON quintet Bentwood Rockers, came up with the idea for the Singers of Hope project in early 2021. The two of them gathered other members from their band of local heroes, as well as other area artists with decades of performing and recording experience to contribute their time and talents.

“This quickly morphed into a community music project featuring some of the best talents in the Quinte/Peterborough area,” they said.

The Singers For Hope and their solo, group, and studio affiliations are:

Andy Forgie (Photograph, All You Need is Love)
Dan Thompson (Bentwood Rocker, Noah)
Tara Leavey (aka Phyllis Leavey recording artist)
Robyn Scott (country recording artist)
Dave Conley (worldwide solo piano/vocal, Sands of Time)
Mike Goettler (Bentwood Rocker, Sands of Time)
Tim Campbell (Tim Campbell Trio, Bentwood Rocker, Sands of Time)
Steve Smith (Bentwood Rocker, Sands of Time, All You Need is Love)
Ken Harnden (solo and group recording artist, Pinnacle Music Studios)
Mark Rashotte (Photograph, All You Need is Love)
Barry Haggarty (Bentwood Rocker, solo artist, Haggarty Sound Studios)
Eric Baragar (Bentwood Rocker, Sands of Time, BigBMusic Studio)

“This is My Song – For You” was created over a 10-month period in 2021 and recorded remotely due to pandemic safety restrictions. The tracking and arrangement took place in Eric Baragar’s BigBMusic Studio. Later, vocals and guitar parts were recorded in several remote locations including Tim Campbell’s Keynote Studios, Barry Haggarty’s Haggarty Sound Studios and Mark Rashotte’s Empire Theatre Stage in Belleville, ON.

“This is My Song – For You” promotes the Enrichment Centre for Mental Health, a non-profit agency that strives to enhance the mental wellness and quality of life of people in Belleville’s diverse community, as a way to enhance community awareness. It’s a caring message from an artistic community dedicated to supporting and healing from our past two years of strife and isolation.


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