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Chris Ho’s single ‘Fake News’ is not about what you might expect


Vancouver-based indie folk artist Chris Ho shared his new single, “Fake News,” on Feb. 25, accompanied by an introspective music video. The release showcases a familiar, calming soundscape bathed in gentle acoustic guitar and highlights his alluring voice, finding balance between a soft whisper and passionate serenade to reflect the emotional lyrics.

“Fake News” challenges gender identity, a reflection of Chris’ own fluid exploration.

“Every drifter longs for peace inside their minds while looking out,” he sings.

This is a theme expressed beautifully in the single’s official music video, creating a stunning visual to embody the journey of self-discovery.

Directed by Jevan Crittenden, the video follows Chris in search of something to hold on to, only to find the light within himself. Rooted in discovery and ignited by the song’s pursuit of truth, it empowers the viewer to look inward to find sincere beauty. What you’re seeking may have been with you all along, waiting to be found.

Chris worked closely with Vancouver producer Shane Stephenson (Nice.) to create “Fake News,” and together they constructed a luscious sound. Every textural element is complementary to the next, from muted percussion to broad, reverb-washed vocals. The new song stays true to Chris’ voice as a singer-songwriter while pushing the boundaries of his expression.

Fake News” is out now on all streaming platforms.


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