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Myranda Christi follows up her debut single with ‘When You Come Around’


Strap yourself in and hold on tight! Rising Bowden, AB country singer-songwriter Myranda Christi has saved a seat for you on the emotional rollercoaster of romance with her hot new single “When You Come Around.”

When romantic chemistry goes into overdrive, falling in love can definitely feel like a thrill ride; in “When You Come Around,” the former Canadian Idol competitor sings about discovering the one who creates that love rush and reaction every time they come near.

As fast-paced and exhilarating as any five-ticket fairground attraction, “When You Come Around” showcases Myranda’s expressive, joy-filled vocal in a rockin’ country track punctuated by classic pedal steel riffs.

Hands in the air
World disappears
Losing control while I’m letting off steam
And there’s no chance of ever touching the ground
When you come around

Co-written with seasoned songwriters J.C. Veaudry, Jacqueline Burke and Corey Lee Barker, “When You Come Around” lands just after Myranda’s sweetly romantic debut single “Pure.”

Myranda has been honing that impressive vocal prowess since she began her musical journey in 2005, participating in many provincial performing arts competitions including Kiwanis Music Festivals and the Red Deer Festival of the Performing Arts. She’s been heard in radio musicals and seen on the 2007 edition of Canadian Idol. In 2017, she recorded a three-song cover album that helped land her current distribution deal with MC1 Nashville.

However, recording her own songs as a solo artist is what has left the most indelible impression on her.

“It was amazing, and I never wanted to leave,” she said of the studio. “The recording experience was one that I will never be able to replicate again and one I will always look back on in the most amazing way possible.”

Myranda Christi’s second single has left the station, and this very talented Canadian country songbird is beginning an impressive climb toward a bright musical future.

“When You Come Around” is available now.


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