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Matt Morson releases a summer jam all about dancing


Sometimes the best things about summer are the most simple: the smell of dew in the grass, a charge in the night air, and infinite stars in a clear sky. And Nobeton, ON’s singer-songwriter Matt Morson captures these modest joys, and more, with his new single “Tailgate Patio.”

The song is all about a night of jubilant dancing and partying among friends in the bed of a truck, and Matt takes us along for the ride with driving electric guitars and an easy, dashboard-thumping beat. His lyrics take us down tree-lined country roads – windows down, breeze in our hair – to the perfect spot for a bonfire and, of course, a tailgate. The headlights illuminate your crush’s smile, there’s a hint of perfume in the air, and then your favorite song comes on the radio. All in all, it’s the perfect summer night. A sing-a-long chorus, female vocal harmonies, and a wailing guitar solo make it one that’s hard to forget.

The song is a faster, more rock-infused track than Matt’s usual country-and-blues sound.

He wrote “Tailgate Patio” while sitting on a hill at dusk, turkey hunting.

“Not the usual place to write a song,” Matt said, “but it seemed to produce results for me.”

All he knew when he started was that he really wanted to write a summer song.

“Growing up, I loved those summer anthems that made you want to drive with the windows down, so I thought I would try my hand at one,” he said, adding that the resulting song is what he set out to do. “It’s fun and fast and still a little rock-inspired as all my music is. It’s a summer jam that I feel is still me. Still in my lane.”

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Matt has always used his love of music and songwriting as a mode of self-expression. He picked up his first guitar at age 11 to master Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown,” and it all fell into place from there. Matt’s charismatic presence and ability to connect with an audience have led him to many notable performances throughout his career. Highlights include opening for Doc Walker, George Canyon, Jojo Mason, River Town Saints, Paul Brandt, and Aaron Pritchett. Most comfortable on stage, he and his band are known for a high energy and extremely passionate live show.

Not one to expect opportunities to just come looking for him, Matt spends the bulk of his free time in the studio, recording and rehearsing with his band. He’s always striving to improve his sound and hone his artistry. Hence writing a song even while turkey hunting, reaching through the dusk for that danceable summer jam.

“Tailgate Patio” is available now.


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