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Newcomer and emerging artists: Sunday is the deadline for the Small World Music eMERGEnce program


Are you an emerging artist, a newcomer or a refugee?

Are you working toward a full-time career in music in Canada?

Are you situated in the general vicinity of Toronto?

If so, hurry up and get in an application for the Small World Music Society’s eMERGEnce creative and professional development program.

Small World, for the uninitiated, is an esteemed promoter of word music in Toronto – and I use the term “promoter” broadly. Yes, they promote concerts, but they are also huge boosters of word music in the wider world.

eMERGEnce offers newcomers and equality seeking groups a nine-month-long series of activities aimed at promoting career sustainability and integration into Toronto’s music landscape and the Canadian cultural infrastructure.

Those activities include workshops on topics like funding, content-creation, self-promotion, management and social media; artist residencies and jam sessions; panels with industry experts; mentorship; networking opportunities, and even promotional materials.

Through it all, the cohort of 20-25 selected artists will gain business skills, contacts and industry knowledge that will help them build careers in Canada.

If this sounds like the right program for you, click here: apply now.

Make sure you get your form in by Aug. 15. That’s this Sunday, at 11:59 p.m.

Short-listed applicants will be interviewed, and final results will be sent out on Sept. 1

If you’re wondering if you qualify as an immigrant, refugee or emerging artist, here are the criteria:

Emerging artists:

  • must be over 18 years old on the date of submission
  • must demonstrate a commitment to making music their primary source of income in life
  • must have a paid presentation or public performance history
  • must be recognized as a professional by other artists working in the same or a similar artistic tradition


  • must have lived in Canada for less than seven years


  • must be approved refugee claimants

All applicants must fit one of these four categories:

  • Canadian citizens
  • permanent residents
  • approved refugee claimants
  • people who have pending applications for permanent residency or citizenship

All successful applicants will have to be available for a meet-and-greet session the second week of September and an artist’s retreat Sept. 10-13.

If you have any questions about the program, please email: emergence@smallworldmusic.com


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