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Tony Quarrington and Zoey Adams have released a jazzy new EP with their duo Q&A


The prolific and eclectic musical duo Q&A, that’s Tony Quarrington and Zoey Adams, have got One More JAZZ Thing for you: their newest EP, which is available now.

From big band sounds to ballads to the nostalgic new single “That Place, That Face, That Moon,” One More JAZZ Thing leaves little behind in exploring the genre.

Juno winner Tony is an accomplished jazz guitarist, composer, and songwriter with hundreds of multi-genre credits to his name. Zoey is an artist long-lauded for her work in theatre, movies, radio, and corporate entertainment.

Having made music together in some form or another for the better part of two decades, Q&A quite literally holds 100 years of professional experience between them. Their first extended work together took place in 2005 when Stuart McLean commissioned Tony to compose what would become Vinyl Cafe: The Musical. Tony sang the role of Dave, and Zoey played Morley, Stephanie, and Sam.

“The pleasure we took in that project convinced us to work together even more,” they recalled.

One More JAZZ Thing is the first in a three-part EP project being released by Sonic Peach Music each focusing on a specific genre of music through the lens of this spectacularly diverse and uniquely talented pair.

One More FOLK Thing and One More POP Thing are set to follow this fall.

“That Place, That Face, That Moon” and One More JAZZ Thing are available now. One More FOLK Thing is available Sept. 18, and One More POP Thing is available Oct. 16.


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