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Doug MacNaughton celebrates peaceful moments on ‘Follow Your Silence’


Toronto-based indie singer-songwriter Doug MacNaughton has released his latest single “Follow Your Silence,” the fourth single from his forthcoming album, Old Enough To Know Better, set to be released in the fall of 2023.

It’s a hopeful message of finding peace in a busy world. Through groovy melodies andDoug’s distinct jazzy folk sound, “Follow Your Silence” invites listeners to connect with love by following their peace, whatever that may be.

This latest single is a vocal and guitar-forward tune with a mellow melody that allows listeners to take three minutes out of their busy day and find a slice of silence. Pulling from the influences of Joni Mitchell and Frank Zappa, “Follow Your Silence” embraces Doug’s airy and experienced vocals and his technical guitar skills. The indie single is masterfully backed with complimentary keyboard support from John Sheard and the rhythmic blend of drums and percussion by Jessica Stuart and Ryan Granville-Martin. Midway through the cohesive, well-rounded work of art, the musical ensemble is broken up by a harmonious guitar solo emphasizing the sweet sound of “Follow Your Silence.”

The writing of “Follow Your Silence” was achieved in a single day back in 2018, yet the message rings as true as ever today. The indie artist touches on difficult issues that are prevalent in today’s age in lines like “Rent and food sure cost a lot. The stress and noise are too much for me.” Despite this, optimism remains at the forefront of the single—a theme Doug is no stranger to.

With experience ranging from musicals and operas to orchestra work, tribute concerts, and much more, Doug’s extensive musical career has led him to start writing songs in 2017. Six years later, the singer-songwriter is now ready to release his debut. His songs have always existed in one-person versions, but soon, they will be ready to be liberated for many more to enjoy. Until then, “Follow Your Silence,” the fourth single from the album, has already been set free, and it’s yours to listen to now.


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