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Bill Bourne’s daughter is raising money to help him fight cancer


Juno-winning singer songwriter Bill Bourne has made some incredible music in his time – from his work with Bourne and MacLeod and the Tannahill Weavers to his solo recordings to his fantastic collaboration with Lester Quitzau and Madagascar Slim on Tri-Continental and his moving duets with young Faroese singer-songwriter Eivor Palsdottir.

Now Bill is living with Stage 4 bladder cancer, and his daughter, Emily, is trying to make sure he doesn’t have to worry financially while he focuses on his health.

“Bill would never seek out assistance on his own,” she writes in the introduction. “He is uncomfortable with the possibility of being a burden or imposition. I have created this fundraiser on his behalf because I believe many would be grateful to assist my dad during this difficult time.”

Bill was diagnosed with cancer in late 2020, she explained. In August of 2021 his kidneys began to fail due to cancer invading his bladder and connecting tissues and creating an obstruction. Fortunately, doctors were able to reverse the situation for now.

“Bill remains optimistic that he will heal,” Emily said “He hopes to recover from this cancer through healthy living, meditation, and minimal but necessary medical involvement. He is experiencing chronic pain and fatigue; it is difficult to work and provide for himself.”

She wants Bill not to have to worry about his basic living expenses during this time, so he can focus on healing.

Emily’s goal was to raise $25,000 for her dad. She has already raised more than $36,000.


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