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Steve Goodman remembered at Mariposa

Clay Eals is the author of Steve Goodman: Facing the Music and was a workshop participant at this year’s Mariposa Folk Festival. Please take a moment to revel in gratitude for the birth of Steve Goodman, 64 years ago today. ...

Minor Empire: Cool sound & shamanic mystique

If asked, how would you describe your impression of Turkish music? If you’d had the opportunity to form one at all, it might sound something like this: initially you are impressed by the ornate vocal calligraphy, in misty scansion, as ...

Grit Laskin – Member, Order of Canada

Today is the big day for Grit Laskin – see our story below from July 4, 2012. He is in Ottawa for the investiture ceremony at Rideau Hall. You can tune in for the live stream of the ceremonies at ...