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Onion Honey’s new holiday collection is filled with unique originals

This is the year of campy Christmas music, and Onion Honey is serving up its own version of it. The band's new album, A...

Andrea England gets honest about holiday bitter-sweetness on ‘Jolly Melancholy Christmas’

Christmas is a difficult time for many – if not most – people, even if that isn’t the way it’s usually portrayed by retailers...

Catherine MacLellan – Holiday

If we’re being honest, this holiday season may not be the easiest to ease into, as it’s our third year of life with COVID-19....

Friggin’ Arab Orchestra Company (FAOC) – “Beige Christmas” (video)

Toronto-based Arab-Canadian artists Maryem Tollar and Roula Said have a comedic and theatrical side project, which made an impression last year with a hilarious single called “Arab Ladies...

Ian Foster & Nancy Hynes launch their Christmas special today

In all of our lives, we’ve had occasion to feel affection and warmth towards an inanimate object. Think for a moment about your favourite...

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