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Album review

Catherine MacLellan – Holiday

If we’re being honest, this holiday season may not be the easiest to ease into, as it’s our third year of life with COVID-19. Fortunately, Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter Catherine MacLellan has released a new four-cut Christmas EP called Holiday that ...
Exclusive preview!

Friggin’ Arab Orchestra Company (FAOC) – “Beige Christmas” (video)

Toronto-based Arab-Canadian artists Maryem Tollar and Roula Said have a comedic and theatrical side project, which made an impression last year with a hilarious single called “Arab Ladies Sing Christmas Carols Written by Jews.” Now Friggin’ Arab Orchestra Company, or FAOC (Pronounced FOWK), is ...

Ian Foster & Nancy Hynes launch their Christmas special today

In all of our lives, we’ve had occasion to feel affection and warmth towards an inanimate object. Think for a moment about your favourite teddy bear, doll or even your first car. These are items that you have a personal ...