The Roots Music Canada Secret Santa gift exchange 2020

COVID-19 is keeping us all away from our friends and family this holiday season, so we at Roots Music Canada would like to offer you a chance to celebrate with your Roots Music Canada family. The Roots Music Canada Secret Santa gift exchange is a chance to make a connection with your fellow folk, roots and world music fans. We’ll randomly assign you a fellow artist, fan or industry person to buy a SMALL gift for, and if you keep watching your mailbox, you should receive a surprise gift from someone else in the community.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Please fill in and submit the form below by Saturday, Nov. 28.

2. On Nov. 29, we will provide you with the name and address of a person to whom you will play Santa, along with some information about their interests.

3. You will have until Dec. 7 to purchase or create a gift for them and ship, mail or email it to them.

4. Please do not spend more than $10 on the gift you send (not including postage or shipping). This is about creativity and thoughtfulness not spending ourselves into oblivion during a difficult financial time.

5. Homemade items and art pieces of all sorts are welcome and encouraged.

6. By Dec. 21, you should receive a gift from your Secret Santa. This could arrive by mail, email, Amazon or any other delivery service.

7. When you receive your gift, please send a photo of it – better yet, a photo of yourself with it – to

8. By signing up for the gift exchange, you are committing to participate and meet the Dec. 7 deadline.

9. By signing up for the gift exchange, you are agreeing to let us share your name, mailing address and email address and the information you provide about your personal interests with your secret Santa.

10. For everyone’s safety, we here at Roots Music Canada strongly discourage leaving home more than absolutely necessary during the pandemic. Please purchase items using contactless delivery/pick-up options where at all possible.

11. Please know that there are no guarantees. We sincerely hope that all participants will honour their gifting commitments, but it is possible that a Santa could slip up. If that happens, please contact Gordy at, and we’ll do our best to straighten out the problem.

12. Roots Music Canada cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen consequences that might arise from taking part in this exchange. Credit card gets hacked due to online shopping? Allergic reaction from eating food you were gifted? By taking part in this exchange, you accept the risks that come with participation and release Roots Music Canada from any future claims related to your participation.


The Roots Music Canada Secret Santa gift exchange

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for participating in the Roots Music Canada Secret Santa gift exchange. We may not get to spend the holidays with friends or family this year, but we can start a new tradition with our Roots Music Canada family: waking up to a thoughtful little item from a fellow Roots Music Canada reader.