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Road not taken: Jay Gavin gets lost in Austin

Roots Music Canada is excited to be premiering Jay Gavin's new single and video for "Lost in Austin" here on Saturday. To whet your...

Love and art at the edge of apocalypse

Ever since Grade Seven social studies class, I’ve been walking around waiting for a piano to drop on my head. I remember going home...

Leslie Alexander’s Top 12 musical moments of 2019

January:  I’m introduced to the exceptional country-noir stylings of the Shaela Miller band, getting a “Hard Knock Upside My Mind” after opening for them...

How Tom Jackson’s Huron Carole transformed this holiday hater

“And so this is Christmas . . . and what have you done? Another year over, and a new one just begun . . .” John...

Stephen Fearing: Conquering the unconquerable

“Is your present pretty tense? Is it all just too much for you? Does anything make sense, Or does everything just bore you?” Stephen Fearing,...

Emily Triggs – Middletown

“All I need is a little fire,” sings Alberta songwriter Emily Triggs in the opening line of her sophomore solo release, Middletown. And that’s...

Canadianamericana: new country vs. true country at Americanafest

Heading down to the Nashville Americanafest, my heart is light. It’s the first time I’ve attended an event like this as an observer, rather...

How I Lost the Muse, Quit the Biz and Found Myself

“You’re quitting music? Are you NUTS?” That was the unspoken reaction on their faces when I told them, after 20 years of chasing the music...

High hopes, hula hoops, and the mystical secret to festival success

Leslie Alexander wrote this piece a few years ago and published it in BC Musician Magazine.  She generously agreed to share it with us...

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