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Scott McCord and The Bonafide Truth

We music fans can be a fickle bunch. All it took to be swept away by the talented Mr. McCord and his seven-piece band...

Chris Altmann: A Man For All Summers

Transplanted Aussie native, Chris Altmann clearly enjoys the best of all worlds. Moving from Adelaide to Peterborough, the seasoned musician wasted no time finding...

Record Review: Jim Henman – Same Old Feeling

I’m not much for end-of-the-year statements. The process seems to imply that good music has an expiry date. The best music, however, remains...

Review: Stan Rogers – Northwest Passage, remastered

I don’t know about you but, for me, this music is religion. I can’t actually recall how I first fell in love with Stan...

Suzy Wilde is lighter than air

The El Mocambo,Toronto, Thursday, September 20th Listening to the relatively sparse, somewhat wistful tracks on her new, bare bones EP, her first self-titled debut EP...

Joshua Cockerill’s ‘Animal Parts’

The Dakota Tavern, Toronto Thursday, August 23rd If you can get past the fact that fact that the this perky, 24-year old Calgary native and his...

Robyn Dell‘Unto • Meredith Shaw • Andrew Austin

The Painted Lady, Toronto Wednesday, August 22nd Coming off the release of I’m Here Every Night, it’s clear that the opportunities to see Robyn Dell'Unto...

Rose Cousins makes a spark

Rose Cousins & Guests - The Rivoli, Toronto Thursday, May 3rd What is it about live music that gives us that added dimension of whatever-you-call-it,...

Loudon Wainwright III has a lot on his mind

Hugh’s Room, Toronto, Wednesday, May 2nd It would appear that 65-year old Loudon Wainwright III has a lot on his mind. In fact, the title...

Katherine Wheatley’s songs light up the room

Lillian Wauthier has been running her east end folk club, Acoustic Harvest, out of the basement of St. Nicholas Anglican Church in Toronto (previously...

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