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Album review: Jiggity James – Citrus Sun


This debut album from Jiggity James sure is a bit of fun.

Jiggity is a fixture on the live music scene in the Elora area, and his music is a mixture of rough-hewn country roots, 50s rock n’ roll, a bit of jazz, blues and ragtime piano – even a bit of tango on the closing track. He infuses a lot of character to his weathered vocals as you might expect from a guy who calls himself ‘Jiggity James,” and his repertoire transports listeners back to the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s, the eras of dance halls, diners and honky-tonks.

The opener, ”Feel Like Dancin’,” is an upbeat number punctuated by bluesy electric guitar and fiddle and a slightly more contemporary feel.

“Gringo” has a vintage western swing feel with just a touch of Latin influence.

“Sway” is James’ edgy cover of the standard popularized by Dean Martin.

“Rubber Neckin” feels like a riff on “Blue Suede Shoes.”

And “Calgary” salutes cowtown with an almost southern gospel-like fervor.

There are a couple of tracks, “Autumn Sky” and “That Stare,” where James seems to be going for a more cinematic sound, and those are, for my money, the least effective on the album. But that’s a minor quibble in what is otherwise a very appealing debut.

I’ll be jigging to Jiggity James.


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