Home Feature Check out Ian North’s brand new single, “China Moon,” out today!

Check out Ian North’s brand new single, “China Moon,” out today!


Distinguished Canadian singer-songwriter Ian North has carved out a niche in the contemporary music scene with his distinctive “fallen angel folk-rock,” evocative lyrics, and soulful melodies. After a long hiatus, and a near-death experience, Ian has worked his way back to creating music.

Today, he’s releasing a new single, “China Moon,” from his upcoming third album, Everything is Incomplete, due out in August.

Ian literally, miraculously, came back from the brink of death to produce this latest album, which is filled with songs of hope and resilience. It was recorded during his year-long stint in rehabilitation after suffering from a double-lung pulmonary embolism, which caused his heart to stop three times over a two-hour period. Thanks to the heroic efforts of emergency medical staff, Ian survived a week-long coma and a month’s worth of medical morphine-induced hallucinations. Everything is Incomplete completes one thing, his wife’s wish that he would make another album, and her promise that she’d help him accomplish that.

Fittingly, “China Moon,” the first single and second track from Everything is Incomplete, was inspired by the stories that his wife, Jennifer Claveau, told him about growing up in Toronto and playing in wooded ravines, building treehouses, and creating make-believe games in secret gardens. Jennifer gushes, “I cried when I first heard it, it’s so beautiful!”


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