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Kingston roots rocker Christopher Jackson unveils new single “Best of Me”


Kingston multi-instrumentalist Christopher Jackson is thrilled to announce the release of his new single, “Best of Me”.

The production evokes notes of 70s roots rock and alt-country, and blends folky Americana with Christopher’s own twist. It encapsulates events and experiences in his life over the last few years.

“’Best of Me’ was written about making changes in my life and moving forward,” Christopher said. “Not letting anyone bring me down or get in my way.”

With over 30 years under his belt as a working musician in a variety of bands, Christopher has built a reputation as a true entertainer. He is known for his banter, audience interaction and impromptu musical collaborations.

The album is produced in collaboration with recording engineer Paul “Doc” Halladay. All the vocals and the majority of the instrumentation, including electric/acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums and mandolin, is performed by Jackson.

The album also features guest musicians Burke Carroll on pedal steel, Matt Weidinger on piano/Hammond organ, Shane Guse on fiddle, Matt Wray on dobro, Mike Verner on trumpet, and Spencer Evans on piano/clarinet.

Listeners will find “Best of Me” to be authentic, real and relatable. “I believe people can relate to this song and make it their own because all we really want is to be the best we can be,” said Christopher.

Multi-instrumentalist and solo artist Christopher Jackson was born in Chatham, ON and is now based in Kingston. After 30 years as a working musician in a variety of bands and session recordings – and six years of entertaining listeners at the popular “Chris Jackson & Friends” Friday night show at venue BluMartini – Christopher decided it was time to put all his experiences together and see where his own writing and music might take him. His debut album carries that personal connection felt at his live shows into his songs.


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