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New music from Twin Flames and Jeff Beadle


Gordy the moose reviews some of his favourite new submissions to the Roots Music Canada virtual mailbox.

Twin Flames – “Bones”

This new single from Twin Flames is a swampy, blues-tinged number punctuated by crunchy guitar sounds and featuring Jaiji’s mournful, vulnerable vocals singing lead.

It’s a lament for the effects of intergenerational trauma on Indigenous people and a celebration of their resilience in the face of it.

It was inspired by Jaiji’s experiences growing up. And it’s an atmospheric, evocative track that absolutely drips with soul.

It’s not news that Twin Flames are putting out great music. But it’s great to hear them constantly changing things up a bit, trying new things, and succeeding on so many fronts.

This single, from their forthcoming fourth album, Hugging the Cactus, due Oct. 18, is another winner.

Jeff Beadle – Whiskered Lake Widower

Whiskered Lake Widower is a new release from Jeff Beadle but it’s actually his solo debut album – a collection he recorded back in 2012 and somehow didn’t get around to releasing.

All that to say, it has more in common with the pair of albums he released in close proximity to one another in 2014 and 2015 than it does with his 2021 EP, Time’s Tattoos, or his more recent singles. And that’s a good thing.

So, what is the sound exactly? A super raw mixture of folk, blues and classic rock paired with some very solid songwriting. Jeff’s one of those guys who reminds you vaguely of a lot of people – Neil Young, Springsteen, early Steve Earle – while escaping any easy comparison. And on Widower, that mixture of influences hasn’t fully coalesced into a cohesive sound of its own yet.

So, you get tracks like “Batty Woman,” a low-key moody, bluesy track with a “House of the Rising Sun” sort of vibe to it, and the title track, on which Jeff sounds a little like Richard Ashcroft. Then there’s “Dead Relatives,” where he’s channeling – god, I wish I could put my finger on it. My girlfriend and I have been obsessing about it for like two hours.

None of the five tracks on Whiskered Lake Widower rise to the level of Jeff’s most heart-rending songs, such as “The Hardest Part” on Where Did We Get Lost, but this is a great little folk-rock package nonetheless, and one that will leave those unfamiliar with Jeff wondering how he escaped their attention.

Since recording this stuff, he’s gone on to embrace more adventurous production – with many more hits than misses in that regard – and his songwriting continues to grow and stand out in that sea of pretty decent stuff out there.

Give this a listen if you’re a fan of raw, edgy Americana. You’ll wonder why you didn’t discover Jeff sooner.


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