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Two shows at the Rogue Folk Club to take us into festival season

Aidan Dooley starts in Tom Crean: Antarctic Explorer.

Vancouver’s Rogue Folk Club knows it’s time to slow things down a bit while we all gear up for the summer festival season.

That’s why it’s carefully picking and choosing what it presents for the late spring and summer so we don’t end up blowing our kids’ college fund on concert tickets.

In fact, only one of the two shows scheduled for June is a concert; the other is a theatre piece. And this music that is on deck? Well it’s not the sort of thing you could see just any time.

For information or tickets to these fine shows, check out http://www.roguefolk.bc.ca or call 604-736-3022.

Teddy Thompson – June 16 at Mel Lehan Hall at St. James

The son of British folk-rock legends Richard and Linda Thompson, Teddy Thompson has a sound that draws heavily on the simplicity and emotional intensity of classic country – à la Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and George Jones.

The New York Times called that sound “beautifully finessed” and NPR hailed as “the musical equivalent of an arrow to the heart.”

It features prominently on his latest album, My Love of Country, a collection of covers of classic country songs with backing vocals by Vince Gill, Aoife Donovan and Rodney Crowell.

It’s the album Teddy is currently showcasing on tour across Canada.

Tom Crean – Antarctic Explorer – June 29 at Mel Lehan Hall at St. James

Tom Crean (1877-1939), the intrepid Antarctic explorer and one of Ireland’s unsung heroes, is brought to life in this dramatic and humorous solo performance by Aidan Dooley. Based on Mr. Dooley’s book, the award-winning play has been presented all over the United Kingdom, North America and Australia to overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Hear the riveting true stories of Crean’s Antarctic explorations as one of the few men to serve with both Scott and Shackleton and survive three famous expeditions.

Crean’s story is a testament to human fortitude against all the elements of the Antarctic; his 36-mile, solitary trek to base camp during the Terra Nova expedition to rescue his comrades Teddy Evans and William Lashly has been described by Antarctic historians as “the finest feat of individual heroism from the entire age of exploration”.


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