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Emmett Jerome’s debut single, ‘Goodbye Trouble’


Vancouver-based roots artist Emmett Jerome is brand new on the scene this year, and well, well well, what a way to introduce himself to the world.

Already signed to 604 Records, Emmett’s released a song that is at once raw and rootsy — but also polished and catchy as hell.

His voice has that raspy, rock n’ roll quality of Bryan Adams’ vocal style, and his arrangements on this track are all about guitars — everything from fingerpicked acoustic, to fuzzy electric to mournful pedal steel — complete with magnificent solos.

Emmett says on his website that he’s inspired by the blues, and you can certainly hear that listening to this track. But ultimately, this is pure Americana roots root through and through.

This is the only track of Emmett’s you’ll find on Spotify, but he’s also got a couple of videos on his website that suggest that he’s no one-hit-wonder — or whatever you call a person who puts out one brilliant non-hit record then disappears.

Emmett appears to have quite a deep well to draw on. Here’s hoping we get to hear more from it soon.








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