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Album review: Yann Falquet – Les Secrets du Ciel


Many esteemed songwriters have had huge success making music from lost love, tragedy and grief. And, there’s nothing like the French for making the most of tears, the yearning and the inevitable deaths. On this new solo CD from Yann Falquet (Genticorum) you’ll need a whole box of hankies to cope with all this sad beauty.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to hear the QC band Genticorum, then you’ve heard the soulful voice of Yann Falquet. For over 20 years, Yann has been on every one of the band’s recordings and they have toured the world. Over several decades, Yann has collected ancient, traditional songs from many sources in the Québecois folk and trad music world, and each one is absolutely lovely.

The album is sensitively produced by Quinn Bachand. And, there’s a grand team of fabulous guest musicians, including Robbie Kluster with his innovative percussion, Trent Freeman and Quinn Bachand on luscious violin strings, the brilliant Robert Alan Mackie on stand-up bass, Keith Murphy on voice and pump organ, Allison deGroot on banjo, Thorleifur Gaukur Davidsson on pedal steel and Eric Vanderbilt-Matthews on clarinet. The sound is simply superb and brings out the best in Yann’s voice.

The whole album explores in depth the human experience. We have lovers searching for their beloved through challenging landscapes: mountains, seas, deserted fields and even in magical dreams. It is through sadness that we can truly appreciate joy, and have our heartstrings plucked and bowed with gorgeous emotion.

Prepare to get lost in this music. The album was released on all the usual platforms on May 3. For more info: www.yannfalquet.com


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