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Exclusive preview: Margaret Maria and Tréson’s ‘Song for a Winter’s Night’ video

Cover art for Margaret Maria and Tréson's new single of their cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "Song for a Winter's Night," February 2024 (Cover art by Rodchenko)

Gordon Lightfoot’s classic tune “Song for A Winter’s Night” was given a unique genre spin by two Toronto-based artists back in February.

Soul and reggae singer Tréson teamed up with post-classical cellist Margaret Maria to produce their own rendition. Now, they are excited to share the accompanying music video, directed by James Nickle of Cleveland Sound Lab. Roots Music Canada is excited to share an exclusive video premiere.

Tréson and Margaret will be in Orillia at 2 p.m. on May 1, for a special tribute concert outside the Orillia Opera House in front of the Gordon Lightfoot bust sculpture! If you are in the vicinity please join them then in celebrating the legendary Lightfoot and the release of their new music video!

Tréson’s voice accompanied with Margaret’s cello is described as “gorgeous rendition that encapsulates the profound yearning of Lightfoot’s timeless masterpiece,” according to a press release.

The cover’s music video came into fruition as a portrayal of “pining for a missing loved one.” The cinematography choices of having both artists filmed in separate rooms reflects this artistic concept. The video was filmed at Annette Studios in Toronto back in January.

Margaret reflected on her excitement on the collaboration as she particularly liked “the simplicity and beauty of the song.”

“I rarely make covers, but this one came in May 2023, just after Gordon Lightfoot passed away,” she said. “A dear friend of mine mentioned it was his favourite Lightfoot song, and I decided to make him a special Birthday present. So the cello instrumental was a present at first.”

Bluewolf Reviews describes Margaret as “edgy, challenging and incredibly powerful.” She serves as a professional cellist with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa. She is also co-founder and conductor of OrKidstra, an Ottawa-based music program that provides children from low-income families with free instruments and music lessons. Margaret has also worked in music production and released her 15th studio album in December, titled Goddess of Edges.

Margaret and Tréson reportedly met at a party last summer, and since then, both revelled in the idea of covering the classic Gordon Lightfoot song. However, this isn’t the first time that the pair has collaborated before, as they dropped their first single “Music Can Change the World,” back in December.

While Margaret had originally produced the instrumental cover of the song, she reached out to Tréson to later accompany her as vocalist. He was “ecstatic” about the opportunity.

“It is a huge honour to cover such a legend,” he said.

Being called a “Canadian Reggae Gem” by Reggae North, Tréson incorporates various soul and pop tones in his performances, with Otis Redding, Michael Jackson, and Peter Tosh serving as inspiration. He currently performs as the lead singer for the Canadian reggae band, The Human Rights. His first hit single, “Moments,” became highly requested amongst radio stations in Toronto. Since then, he has performed various shows with Reggae icons and recorded “Life on the Rocks” with Mykal Rose in Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Studio in Jamaica.


  1. The pair will be hosting a live performance at Orillia Opera House in Mississauga, ON, in front of Gordon Lightfoot’s statue, as well as hosting the release of their music video on May 1.

    It’s in Orillia, Ontario.


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