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4 characters you’ll find in the audience at folk/roots shows

Image by Gabriel Doti from Pixabay.

Typically, we review albums and concerts here at Roots Music Canada. But in honour of April Fools Day, we decided to do something a little different. We asked JD Edwards if he’d like to review an audience. He came back with this excellent guide to concert-goers, for musicians and fans alike. Thanks, JD! And happy April Fools everyone.

As a seasoned troubadour strumming my guitar on the stage, I’ve spent countless nights serenading a motley crew of concert attendees.

Picture this – a sea of faces, a roar of cheers and whispers, a zoo of unique personalities, all gathered on one dance floor. Each pair of eyes tells a story; each voice contributes to the symphony of eager anticipation.

From the die-hard fans front and center, eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of their entertainer, to the casual concert-goers swaying in rhythm at the back, sipping their drinks with a self-proclaimed air of coolness – my audience is a vibrant tapestry of humanity.

But despite the variety of characters in front of me, one thing unites them all – the shared love for live music and the promise of a memorable night ahead.

So, as I take the stage once more, ready to belt out another one, I raise my hat to this eclectic audience before me and dive headfirst into the magical mayhem that is a concert night
dance floor.

The Rhythmic Maestro

Behold, the rhythmic maestro also known as the dancing head-bobber, the riff raver, the groove zealot, a true beacon of exuberance among the concert people, and probably the happiest person in the joint.

Not only does their head sway in flawless synchrony with the music’s pulse, but their infectious energy elevates the entire atmosphere.

With each enthusiastic nod, they emit a sense of unbridled joy that permeates the space around them, infusing a surge of positivity into the air.

This human is not content with merely being a spectator; they become an active participant in the performance, shouting words, hoots and hollers of encouragement to the band with a passion that rings louder than the music itself.

Their unwavering support and boundless enthusiasm create a ripple effect, inspiring those around them to join in the celebration of music and togetherness.

So, if you happen to witness this vivacious soul in action, basking in the rhythms with unconfined serenity, consider yourself fortunate to be in the presence of the ultimate cheerleader of the concert realm.

Get in on it. Join them and let it all hang out!

The Ever So Joyful Clapper

Have you ever come across the delightful presence of a joyful clapper at a live music event?

This person radiates an infectious energy that transcends mere applause, turning each handclap into a heartwarming expression of pure delight.

Picture their hands coming together in spirited unison, creating a barrage of joyful beats that reverberate through the venue like a gentle thunderstorm, embracing everyone within earshot in a cocoon of ecstasy. Ya, right!

As you witness the heartfelt clapping of this rhythm slapper, you can’t help but marvel at their genuine love of the music but hope they don’t reach for the tamborine at the foot of the singer’s microphone stand. (That’s mine!)

Their enthusiasm is not just about clapping; it’s a reflection of their deep connection to the melodies and rhythms that stir within their soul.

It’s as if each clap is a small gesture of gratitude to the musicians for sharing their talents with the world.

You can often see their little hands flutter up above their heads, vibrating and chirping over top the din of the crowd.

It’s really a very beautiful sight to see.

But picture this from where I’m standing. I’m up on stage, strumming wicked tricks on my guitar, laying down the grooves and my melodies like a boss.

But then I spot them in the crowd – the self-proclaimed clapping champion, going wild with their claps like it’s the grand finale of a drum solo.

I belt out the chorus, their claps ring out like thunder, drowning out my sweet melodies. It’s a clapping showdown, a battle of sounds – my music against their applause.

But hey, I gotta roll with it, feeling the rhythm of the claps punctuate each beat.

And suddenly, we’re in sync, creating an unexpected duet of music and applause that leaves the crowd in stitches. So, sometimes I have to embrace the chaos and let the music play on.

Maybe it’s something I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older. I mean if you are having a good time, why should I get in the way of that?! Right?! Just keep clapping and we’ll all go home happy!

The Dance Floor Diva: Two Steppin’ Charlie

After the slow song ends and the floor gets filled in with the fast dancers, the tempo of the next song starts to drive up, and the bass gets the gunk that keeps the funk.

The people immediately feel it. This music brings out everybody, our eclectic mix of concert-goers.

But wait. What’s this? I spy with my little eye – the legendary dance floor divas.

They’re like a force of nature, tearing up the dance floor with moves that could be borderline hazardous to those around them.

These folks aren’t content with a simple two-step or a gentle sway. Oh no, they’re out there salsaing, swinging, and basically turning the whole venue into a makeshift ballroom.

And let’s not forget about their spatial awareness – or lack thereof.

These dance floor divas are claiming more real estate than a high-roller in Vegas.

So, as we gaze upon their whirlwind of dance moves, remember to keep your eyes peeled for flying limbs and spinning partners.

It’s all part of the show, baby!

The Overzealous Screenshotter

So, in this modern era ruled by social media, you’ve also got these eager beaver amateur social media paparazzi at every show. Picture this: their phone is raised high above their heads, shining like a lighthouse in a sea of darkness, as they try to immortalize every single second of the concert in digital form.

Get ready for a mini-light show as they incessantly click away, attempting to capture the essence of the performance one snapshot at a time.

Now, here’s where it gets fun: I like to mess with their game by throwing in some epic photobombs.

I’m talking goofy faces, awkward poses, maybe even some mid-air jumps right in front of the band.

It’s my little way of adding a touch of spontaneous absurdity to their carefully curated photo collection.

Ah, the joys of live entertainment in the age of Instagram!

In Conclusion

Yes, as the last notes of the melody serenade the souls of the concert-goers and the night sky beckons with mischief, let us not forget the transformative power of music intertwined with humour.

On this whimsical April Fools’ Day, let us revel in the quirks and jests of the audience members, for in their playful antics lies a rock band of merriment that even the most seasoned troubadour would love to front.

Embrace the delightful chaos of the concert crowd, my dear music aficionados, among them are the jesters and minstrels, weaving threads of lightness and darkness into the singer’s tapestry of melodies.

As the symphony of laughter mingles with the folkie chords, we find ourselves immersed in a delightful cocktail of great cover songs and four-chords-and-the-truth tunes, a fusion of whimsy that dances through the corridors of our hearts.

So, raise a glass to the mischievous spirits that grace the concert hall, to the merry band of troubadours and tricksters who infuse the air with laughter and joviality.

On this weekend of pranks and playfulness, let us seek out the hidden gems of humour in the musical swag that surrounds us, for in those moments of shared amusement, we find a connection that transcends notes and lyrics.

May your April Fools’ Day be a bundle of chuckles and chortles, a cacophony of delight that echoes through the concert hall long after the final encore.

Here’s to laughter, to music, and to the marvellous tapestry of human connection that weaves us all together in a joyful celebration of life’s beautiful absurdities.

Cheers to a day filled with the blend of music and mirth, where the real entertainment is not just on stage, but in the antics and personalities that make up the rich fabric of the concert crowd.


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