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Now What Do We Do? podcast Episode 4: Miranda Mulholland

Photo by Sorin Sirbu on Unsplash.

Over the past couple of years, many musicians and arts organizations have found themselves struggling to reestablish and redefine themselves in the aftermath of more than two years of restrictions due to COVID-19.

And artists and labels had already been dealing with massive losses of revenue due to the shift from physical and digital album sales to online streaming, with its much lower rates of remuneration.

As we emerge, disoriented, from this dark period, many in the industry have found themselves asking, “Now what do we do?”

Well, we’re here to help.

Here at Roots Music Canada, we were joined for two weeks by Carleton University journalism intern Sophia Foglia. She reached out to several artist advocates to reflect on that question.

Specifically, she asked, “What is the most important change artists and fans need to lobby for to help improve artists’ abilities to earn fair compensation in the business?”

Here’s episode 4 featuring artist and artist advocate Miranda Mulholland.


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