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Video premiere: The Imagine If – ‘Devil’s Child’


Holy smokes is this ever a blistering new(ish) soul-meets-blues band from Toronto!

The Imagine If have just released the first single from their forthcoming debut full-length album.

It’s called “Devil’s Child,” and we’re stoked to give you a first look at the video today.

The song is marked by bluesy guitar riffs, swinging horns, and an infectious groove that harkens back to a bygone era.

But the real star of this song is vocalist Alia Logan.

If you love singers who can really belt, like Aretha Franklin, Koko Taylor and Etta James, you’re going to love this woman.

She’s got chops and attitude in spades.

The rest of the band isn’t exactly sitting on the sidelines either.

Particularly notable on this track are the frenetic beat laid down by drummer Tom Paulovits and the vintage keys from Eric Lefebvre.

And yes, the guest horn section is smokin’.

It all adds up to an absolutely huge sound.

The Imagine If have been on the scene since 2019, and the band name originally tied in to a kind of aspirational presence on social media, wherein the band would post comments like this one:

“Imagine If you could travel the world, following your dreams.”

They released a debut EP in 2022, and since then, they seem to have dedicated themselves to honing their chops as a live act, which sure doesn’t hurt their sound on record either.

If “Devil’s Child” is any indication of what’s coming on the album, we can’t wait to hear it.





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