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Producer Chris Graham releases his debut single with his Belfountain project


“Give It Up” is the catchy-as-hell debut single from Belfountain, the new indie-folk-rock project fronted by singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and Juno Award-winning producer Chris Graham. It’s the first single drawn from the upcoming album Some Hearts, an authentic, roots-inspired collection of songs that provide an earthy mix of old and new, always familiar yet full of surprises. Some Hearts comes out June 22. For more information please visit Belfountain’s website.

From the opening electric guitar hook to the irresistible “ooh-ooh-ooh”s in the chorus, to the occasional but emphatic blasts of brass, “Give It Up” is as perfect a power-pop anthem as Coldplay or U2 ever delivered. While the lyrics hint at themes about difficulties in relationships, ultimately the song is about finding joy in spite of the state of the world in which we currently live. It’s about letting go of your inhibitions and living free – “live it up, before you live it down.” A throwback to a more innocent and optimistic time. Backed by a squad of uber-talented pro musicians, lead singer Chris Graham’s voice is rich and engaging, and he has a knack for writing melodies that reveal its power and range.

Chris produced the Juno Award-winning 2021 album Heart Parade for children’s group Splash ’N Boots, as well as several other Juno Award-nominated albums. He recorded, produced, and co-wrote the #1 selling albums Daydream and Bandshell by vocal jazz artist Tia Brazda, as well as the song “Undone” by indigenous artist Marcia Chum, which was nominated for several Native American Music Awards. Chris has toured the world with a variety of acts, performing at such festivals as the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. Previously he recorded, produced, performed with, and wrote songs for bands The Framework (Last Gang), CANVAS and FIRExFIRE.


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