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New singles from Sue Decker and Juic3Boy


Gordy the moose reviews some of his favourite new submissions to the Roots Music Canada virtual mailbox.

Sue Decker – “The Lost Ones”

Goddam does Sue Decker ever sound like Lucinda Williams. If I didn’t know any better, I could mistake this song for an out-take from Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. The similarities in their voices and in their sound is uncanny. And Sue’s not half bad as a songwriter either. So why haven’t we heard her before? Probably because she’s been something of a late bloomer in the music scene, having only started learning guitar at age 35. I’m not sure what age she’s at now, and I don’t know what she did before playing music, but she sounds like someone who’s spent a lifetime racking up the world-weary credentials to pull off songs like this – about helplessness in the face of homelessness and addiction. Steve Dawson produced Sue’s forthcoming album, Keeping Time, which certainly accounts for the Grade A production on this single. I can’t wait to hear the rest.

Juic3Boy – “Sweet Mother”

Wow! This is just beautiful. Ghanaian-Canadian Afro-fusion and Afrobeats singer Juic3Boy presents a tender, vulnerable tribute to his mother, sung over a stunning, minimalist arrangement of just beats, a backing vocal track, and what sounds like a bit of electric guitar – although the video shows Juic3 playing piano, so I’m not sure what to make of that. I don’t know much about Juic3. Judging from the videos he has posted on YouTube, this song is a bit of an outlier in his repertoire, with several songs leaning more toward the soul/RnB and hip hop fusion side of things. But this one will absolutely melt you. It’s gorgeous.


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