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Oscar Lopez housed again thanks to overwhelming support from GoFundMe donations


Oscar Lopez is no longer living in his car, thanks to friends and fans who donated close to $25,000 to his GoFundMe campaign, more than quadruple the $5,000 he set as his original goal.

Less than a month ago, on Feb. 8, the award-winning and celebrated Chilean-Canadian guitarist started raising money to financially support himself, saying he was living in his vehicle and struggling with his health.

“I am very grateful to all the people who are helping me right now,” he said. “They have all my respect.”

Oscar said he felt overwhelmed at it all. “I’m getting some amazing messages,” he said. “I didn’t know there were so many people out there that care about me.”

It was hard for Oscar to reach out for help, at first, he said, but he was eventually pushed to do so.

“A few beautiful people […] said to me, ‘You need to do this. You need to do this because it’s going to work. There’s nothing to be ashamed [of], nothing to be embarrassed [about].’ So I reached out.”

Oscar, who was hospitalized for depression in the early 2000s and who has talked openly about his mental health struggles, said he is getting back on his feet, thanks to his fighting spirit.

“I’m picking things up,” he said. “The mountains don’t come to you, you go to the mountains.”

The money he has raised has allowed him to house himself in an apartment, he said, something which he takes pride in.

“I feel everything is going well now,” said Oscar, conveying his feeling that God is looking out for him.

He said his funds are also being used for the essential, little things in his life, like gas for his car.

“Always remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel,” Oscar said, adding that though we are born to die, what we do in between is important.

Click here to donate to Oscar’s GoFundMe.


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