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New songs by Emily Gilbart and Rob Fillo


Emily Gilbart – “Soap”

A graduate of the Folk Music Ontario developing artist program and the Youth Discoveries Program at Summerfolk in 2018, Emily first turned up on our radar at Roots Music Canada when writer Lisa Iesse drew her name out of a hat when deciding – randomly – which artists to include in her 2022 Hillside Festival recommendations. It turns out the Moose, who is somewhat more discerning in deciding what to put in this column, is pleased to be able to stand behind that endorsement. There are a lot of young female singer-songwriters these days who sing in that kind of mournful, slightly breathy vocal style that was arguably popularized by Sarah McLachlan. But Emily, who was a finalist in the Toronto Blues Society’s Talent Search, has a particularly pleasing version of that voice – a bit deeper and more resonant than many. But what really stands out here is the song itself. A reflection on a bad breakup after some time has passed, it’s evocative, it has a catchy melodic hook, and it features lush arrangements that are just lovely to listen to.

Rob Fillo – “This Old Train”

A lifelong musician who didn’t get serious about a solo recording career until after the pandemic hit, Rob’s debut single, which is nearly a year old but was just sent to us recently, reveals him to be a more-than-credible purveyor of country-roots, with a mature sound, a way with melody, and a slightly gritty rock n’ roll voice that really soars on this song’s rousing chorus. Victoria-based Rob isn’t blazing any new trails here stylistically, but there’s something about his sound on this song that reminds me of early Steve Earle for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on. And if you’ve got that going for you, don’t go changing.


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