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Myk Gordon has released the second single from his new Born To Be album


Vancouver singer-songwriter Myk Gordon has released his latest single, “Brand New Love,” in anticipation of his forthcoming album Born To Be.

The guitar and drums-driven track features steady feel-good rhythms with complimentary harmonies. Myk’s earthy voice talks of the trials of love and of brighter horizons. He explores the idea of moving forward, dreaming of love, and the kind of love one can offer.

“Brand New Love” comes as the album’s second single after the recently released title track “Born To Be.”


Myk’s decades of songwriting experience shine through the new album, and so too does his grasp on the Americana genre. Listeners can expect exceptional harmonies, a dynamic and lively sound, and featured members of Neko Case’s band, The New Pornographers, NRBQ, and Mavis Staples’ band.

Myk travelled to Portland to record the full-length album, Born To Be, and it comes as his second collaboration with multiple Grammy Award-winner Steve Berlin of Los Lobos.

When not performing, Myk works a psychotherapist and is a 6th dan Aikido teacher and an internationally recognized author and scholar.

“Brand New Love” is out now.


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