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Dead Root Revival previews The Controller’s Exam with new single, ‘Maybe Baby’


It’s easy to describe Dead Root Revival’s sound as old school—guitar-focused rock and roll played with a southern flair—but with songs derived from front man Tom Savage’s socially conscious worldview, DRR is a band fully in tune with the zeitgeist.

That’s clearly evident on the Kingston-based quartet’s new album, The Controller’s Exam, a sweeping 11-song collection that arrives March 1 on digital platforms, CD and double vinyl. Dead Root Revival has released a handful of live albums—capturing all the grit and energy of their shows—making The Controller’s Exam technically their debut. Yet, it was also recorded in a live setting with renowned producer David Barbe (Sugar, R.E.M., Drive-By Truckers) at Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens, GA.

All of the classic elements are present on the latest preview of The Controller’s Exam, “Maybe Baby,” powered by Tom’s crunchy guitar and soulful vocals. It’s all supported by Tony Silvestri on Hammond organ and Wurlitzer, alongside the driving rhythm section comprised of drummer Bonz Bowering and bassist Richard Piche.

Tom said of “Maybe Baby,” “It began its life as a folk song, but then Bonz suggested switching up the arrangement to more of a rock feel, like a Rolling Stones or Black Crowes vibe. This decision really turned it into a number that fit into the DRR setlist. Lyrically, it’s a ‘working on a relationship’ song, but not a ‘heartbreak’ song; one party attempting to let the other in on their worldview, philosophy of life. And from the sounds of it not being very successful in doing so.”

The heart of DRR is indeed their genuine musical chemistry, which draws from many points across the musical spectrum, and sometimes can shift between these influences mid-song. The result is that anyone seeing DRR live can expect a variety of moods, tempos, and dynamics that add up to a powerful concert experience. Although many might know Tom from his more folk-oriented solo output, Dead Root Revival gives him an opportunity to show off a different side of his musical personality—and more importantly to attack the strings of his signature Gibson Nighthawk.

Savage will be doing much more of that as DRR plans to hit the road in earnest in support of The Controller’s Exam and remind us of when music grabbed us by the ears, lifted us up, reached straight into our chests, and stole our hearts.

Pre-order Dead Root Revival’s The Controller’s Exam from Bandcamp, and stay up to date at deadrootrevival.ca.


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