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Check out Adrian Sutherland’s new video for ‘Precious’


Adrian Sutherland has released a brand new video for the new year featuring the Summer Bear Dance Troupe, four young dancers representing the Ojibway, Cree, Assiniboine and Sioux tribes.

The video is for his song “Precious,” which came out last October.

The song was inspired by Black music from the southern States and is something of a nod to Black and Indigenous people’s experiences of oppression. It’s an ode to the fights for freedom happening all around the world. It’s also an homage to Mother Earth and her land protectors.

Co-written with brothers Chris and Matt Gormley, it was produced by Colin Linden in Nashville and features Colin on guitars and backing vocals and well-known Nashville session players John Dymond and Gary Craig on bass and drums respectively.

The video was shot in Winnipeg and showcases the different aspects of Adrian’s life: the musician, the hunter, and the family guy.

The youth dancers from Summer Bear who are featured in the video are Jazzlyn Hart (Shawl Dance), Jordon Hart (Grass Dance), Jrayden Hart (Grass Dance), and Lillee Hotomani (Jingle Dress).

Have a look!


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