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Ariana Fig – ‘Cherry Coke’


The moose got a little preoccupied with the festival season last summer and didn’t have a chance to write about a bunch of the releases that came out in the lead up to it, so I’m using the start of the new year to highlight some great new(ish) music.

Ariana Fig didn’t quite make it onto the Moose’s best-of-2023 list, but she was real close, let me tell you.

So allow me to at least take a moment to introduce you to her.

Ariana grew up playing violin and was a member of the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. She started writing songs at 13 and is now sounding like a seasoned pro despite having only been releasing music since around 2020.

What she’s come up with so far is a little bit pop, a little bit electronic, a little bit folk and even a little bit jazzy. And yet she manages to arrive at a sound that’s unlike anyone else who fits that description.

“Cherry Coke” is much rootsier than her recent EP, Maroon, and it really shows off her songwriting chops and her maturity as a lyricist.

The song is about addiction, and about trying to quit, with Cherry Coke serving as the poor substitute for “the real thing.”

We’re not the first people to notice Ariana.

Exclaim put her on their New Faves list in August. And IheartHamilton put her on their Best of 2023.

So take our word for it — take all of our words for it — and give her a listen.



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