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The Chat Room: OXLIP


OXLIP is the musical alter ego of Northern Ireland-born, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Jayne Trimble. The name is inspired by wildflowers and woodlands evocative of the darkly-windswept British Isles, alongside a host of literary archetypes ripped straight from the Brontë era.

OXLIP has been creating intricate musical worlds in similarly-windswept coastal B.C. since 2012. As an artist, she’s inspired by music’s restorative properties as much as she is intrigued by the intricacies of the natural and metaphysical worlds, paradoxes in classical literature, and the complex legacies of Victorian-era gender politics.

All of those elements are present in the current OXLIP single, “I Said You Must Be Leaving,” an atmospheric ballad produced by acclaimed American singer-songwriter Damien Jurado. Although the song served as the title track for the sixth OXLIP album, released in 2022, it’s being given a new push through World Peach Records, the female artist-focused enterprise that Jayne also runs, along with a recording studio.

Needless to say, Jayne is as passionate about helping women navigate the music business as she is about finding her own niche as OXLIP, and her work has paid off with an Emerging Artist of the Year nomination at the 2022 Canadian Folk Music Awards. We had the good fortune to catch up with her and find out more about her decision to re-release “I Said You Must Be Leaving,” and other plans she has for 2024.

Hear more of her music at oxlip.bandcamp.com and oxlipmusic.com.


What inspired you to write your current single, “I Said You Must Be Leaving”?
It’s a conversation between a person and their loved one who has passed, and on their way to the “other side.” After a giant tsunami in Japan killed thousands of people unexpectedly, there were a number of “ghostly” sightings afterwards and some believe it was their loved ones who had passed away and didn’t yet know — that they were confused and trying to find their way home. I learned about this extremely sad event through the Netflix TV show Unsolved Mysteries. I was very moved by it, so I wrote this song.

This song was produced by Damien Jurado. How did that collaboration come about?
Damien is someone whose music I have loved and admired for a long time. We sent some demos to his manager, and asked if he would be interested in producing them. To our surprise, he said yes. I’ve now recorded two albums with him and his team in L.A.

You originally released “I Said You Must Be Leaving” in 2022. What’s motivated you to put it out again?
I’m pretty old school and have only really ever put out albums — which I do prefer — I like to get the whole story book. However, because we live in a single-driven culture, I found that most of the songs that appear later in my albums would get overlooked. But the songs aren’t any less important, or good, because they are further down on the song list. So I’m re-releasing them as singles, one a month, and giving them each the attention that they deserve. Each single can be like an episode in a TV series, versus an album which is like a movie.

How would you describe your musical journey to this point?
The long game. Nothing that I have achieved has come the way that I thought it would. I’ve learned that relationships are key, and trust is built up over time. In many instances I had to wait my turn. My music has paid me dividends in the long run, and I’ve come to realize it’s rather like compound interest in that way. I would describe my journey as courageous. And patient.

What are your plans for 2024 so far?
As mentioned, I’ll be releasing a single a month, and I’ll also be mixing the second album that I recorded with Damien, which I’ll likely release next year. I’m putting a lot of time these days into my label and publishing company for women, World Peach Records, so I’m doing lots for other artists right now and really enjoying that. We are about to launch a showcase for women that I’m really excited about. Watch this space.


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