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Ken Hunt


Music historian and critic, and translator, currently writing Martin Carthy’s approved biography, Prince Heathen

  • Alistair Anderson, Hethpool Linn (White Meadow Records),
  • Mike Cooper, Life & Death in Paradise & Milan Live Acoustic 2018 (Paradise of Bachelors),
  • Folkländer, So viele Wege Vol . 2 (Galileo),
  • Rhiannon Giddens, You’re The One (Nonesuch),
  • Hack-Poets Guild, Blackletter Garland (One Little Independent Records),
  • Jennie Higgins, Where Are All The Women? (Own Label),
  • Maggie Holland, The Dust of Rage (Irregular Records),
  • Lankum, False Lankum (Rough Trade),
  • Martin Simpson & Thomm Jutz, Nothing But Green Willow: The Songs of Mary Sands and Jane Gentry (Topic),
  • Jon Wilks, Before I Knew What Had Begun I Had Already Lost (Own Label)


  • A Filetta
  • Jennie Higgins
  • T?gie Ch?opy


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