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Jeff Robson


Host of Tell the Band to Go Home on CJUM 101.5 UMFM in Winnipeg and Fly with your Shadow podcast.

  • Del Barber, Almanac (Acronym)
  • Sean Burns, Lost Country (Department Store)
  • Communism, Lovespeech (self)
  • Ben de la Cour, Sweet Anhedonia (Jullian)
  • Evangeline Gentle, Where the Diamonds Are (self)
  • Terra Lightfoot, Healing Power (Sonic Unyon)
  • Jeffrey Martin, Thank God We Left the Garden (Fluff and Gravy)
  • Dean Owens, Pictures (Songboy)
  • Benjamin Dakota Rogers, Paint Horse (Good People)
  • Stephen Stanley Band, Before the Collapse of the Hive (Lightning Strikes)


  • Beth//James
  • Ratboys
  • Benjamin Dakota Rogers



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