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Donita Large returns with ‘Too Much of Anything’


There’s no such thing as too much of singer-songwriter Donita Large, and thankfully, she is back with her highly anticipated blues single, “Too Much of Anything.” After reaching the #1 spot on the Indigenous Music Countdown with her debut single, “Going To Walk That Line,” fans have been wanting more.

Donita Large brought her bluesy charm when she emerged on the music scene in the summer of 2021. She quickly became a sought-after artist, performing at local festivals and shows, including the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, RavenWood Music Festival, K-Days Indigenous Experience, and a ‘Songs of Reconciliation’ concert at Leduc’s MacLab Centre for Performing Arts. During her early days on the scene, Donita collaborated with lead and bass guitarist Anthony King, which led to the formation of Donita Large & The Small Band, alongside bandmates Alan Tymofichuk and Barry Martin.

The idea for “Too Much of Anything” came to life one evening when Donita and Anthony decided to make music during a break from rehearsal. Donita wanted to write a new blues song, and Anthony, who loves the blues, started playing a bluesy 12-bar tune. This inspired Donita to begin writing the lyrics for “Too Much of Anything.”

The song’s message is simple, but the feelings are complicated: it’s about the idea that “too much of anything is bad for you.” Donita’s song captures the mixed emotions of overdoing something and dealing with the results. That’s why she sings the blues, to connect with those emotions and share them with others.

As the song’s producer, Anthony King, sought the best musicians in Edmonton for a live-off-the-floor recording. This effort led to a lineup that included Rooster Davis on the keys, Jamie Cooper on drums, Harry Gregg on bass, and Anthony himself on lead guitar. The recording process was a celebratory experience, resulting in a track that captures the spirit of the blues.



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