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Francine Honey releases new album, Rockets In My Boots Volume 1


Don’t get her wrong — Francine Honey is just as sweet as her name implies. But on her latest record, Rockets In My Boots Volume 1, she’s frisky, risky, and ready to shoot whiskey.

Building on recent career momentum, Rockets In My Boots Volume 1 is Francine’s most daring record yet.

The past two years have brought her significant peer recognition. She won the 2022 Buddy Holly Educational Fund Scholarship Award and was named the Austin Songwriter Group International’s 2023 Songwriter of the Year. Francine has established herself as a seasoned songwriter, known for her transformative company theme-song writing workshops and proven ability to create custom and personalized songs. Now, in her triumphant return from 2021’s I Carry On …, Francine is sharing her own story on Rockets In My Boots Volume I, a testament to how empowered women know how to keep getting back up.

Francine knows a thing or two about coming back swinging. She was born the daughter of Tweed, ON’s beloved local barber, a legacy she pays tribute to on track four, “Come Sit In My Chair.” Though she always had a passion for songwriting, she initially took a more conventional path in life, getting her university degree in mathematics and computer science and working in that sector for several years.

Tragedy struck when her then-husband fell into a deep struggle with mental illness, and Francine was forced to re-locate and start her life over again. But with classic country girl grit, she maintained a job in the Federal Government while raising her children alone. Though her music had seemingly taken a backseat, she never stopped writing songs, even through her toughest days.

In 2013, she made the bold decision to leave her full-time job to pursue her music. She earned a songwriting certificate at Berklee and cut her teeth studying alongside seasoned pros in Nashville. Her first album, Re-Drawn, was released in 2014, followed by her first full-length album, to be continued… in 2018. To be continued… captured her six-day collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Neilson Hubbard, recording live-off-the-floor in Nashville. Her collaboration with Grammy-nominated Neilson has continued with the release of her Christmas album, Take Me to the North Pole, in 2019 and I Carry On in 2021.

Rockets In My Boots Volume I is another collaboration with Neilson.

Francine describes herself on lead single, “Cadillac,” as “a pinch of sass, but all class” and proves that she can hold her own against a mean twangy guitar.

Fueled by heart and sass, Rockets In My Boots Volume I will undoubtedly carry Francine Honey to new heights.


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